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Archive of: December, 2017

  • The NHS and Ukraine cyber attacks: how we do we protect ourselves?

    The ransomware virus, dubbed WannaCry, is an updated version of the Wanna Decryptor ransomware. It demanded a bitcoin payment to unlock files after the hacker broke into the computer system and locked everything down. If the user doesn’t pay, the price will go up and the files will all be deleted after a certain amount of time.

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  • The GDPR and the growing need for data encryption

    There are still UK companies struggling with compliance under the current Data Protection Act. Some are still playing “catch up” on even the most basic cyber security systems and the principles of storage of personal information.

    Many of these are possibly blissfully unaware that the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation is on its way in 2018. This legislation mandates the need to encrypt and protect data on a whole new level.

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  • Do current IoT developments ignore security to our peril?

    With all new developments there’s a temptation to rush ahead and do the funky stuff while putting boring, non-core activities like security and encryption on the back burner. That is why we have so many problems with viruses, trojans and ransomware on our computers - there are too many loopholes from poorly designed systems that constantly have to be patched.

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