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You say you're (not) worth it - a Private Investigator might say otherwise

by Josef Kafka

There are many occasions whereby it is necessary to find out somebody's true wealth. In a divorce, for example, it is a common tactic to claim a lower net worth so that the division of wealth with an ex-partner does not include the full amount of one's wealth. Then there are those occasions where a debtor owes creditors money. In a desperate attempt to avoid losing everything, the debtor might try to hide some of their assets from the clutches of the creditors. 

These are very common, very sneaky actions. But you can't hide wealth from Private Investigators.

So how exactly does a Private Investigator help?

Often, the reason litigants are unsuccessful in recovering a debt is because they fail to get a full picture of a debtor's asset worth. By accurately tracing a debtor's assets, you are able to make a judgement on whether it is worth taking them to court in the first place. It is certainly preferable to realise that an individual is indeed unable to repay the debt, than receive this bad news along with a large bill from your solicitor!  

A Private Investigator can scour the Land Registry to find any property that is owned by the debtor. Since property tends to make up most of an individual's wealth: this is valuable information. 

It is also possible to establish the employment status of an individual and verify if there is a source of income and means to repay an outstanding debt. Such information is vital should there be a need for a future enforcement action by Attachment of Earning Order.

Sometimes it is important to a client that they can maintain a good relationship with the individual they want to be investigated. An Investigator not only provides an expert asset trace; they can be discreet too. It would sometimes be inappropriate or rude to personally ask about an individual's finances. So why not use an Investigator to act behind the scenes instead?

If you have doubts regarding somebody's claimed wealth (or lack of), then take advantage of our Asset Location Service to find out the truth. Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and get the full picture.

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