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Honesty is the best policy

by Josef Kafka

Honesty is the best policy, but most people will admit to telling the odd 'white lie'. However, what if you’re faced with a possible deceitful situation that causes sleepless nights and has the potential to ruin your life or relationship?

As anyone who’s ever watched Jeremy Kyle’s TV show will know, the lie detector test is becoming increasingly popular, and one of the most common services private investigators’ clients avail of.

The lie detector (or polygraph, to give it its proper name) is relatively new, having been invented in 1921 by a young Californian medical student called John Augustus Larson. The operation of the polygraph depends upon a human phenomenon; the direct relation between mental stimulation and a physical reaction. For example, if you recall an experience where something ‘frightened the life out of you’, you may remember feeling a chill or cold sweat – symptoms brought on by the danger your mind perceived.

Utilising this knowledge, the lie detector operator, using advanced equipment, asks the person being examined different questions. The answers will cause the person to have different thoughts that lead to different reactions within their body. A polygraph machine picks up these changes, and converts it into a graph. The operator then interprets the data, which enables them to know whether or not the person is being deceitful.

Independent studies have concluded an astounding high accuracy rate and while the polygraph technique is not always 100% accurate, research clearly indicates that when administered by a trained and experienced examiner, the polygraph test is one of the most accurate means available to uncover the truth or confirm deception. 

Perhaps this is the reason Encyclopaedia Britannica, placed it on its list of greatest inventions, and was described by the company as inventions that "have had profound effects on human life for better or worse". As the saying goes "the truth will out"!

So, if you want to clear your name, or perhaps need conclusive proof of deceit, contact us today. Along with all of your investigative needs we offer an effective polygraph test service.

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