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Providing key information to help trace a missing person

by Josef Kafka

One of the most distressing events for any family or individual is when someone they care about goes missing. This can often be the result of a specific and sudden situation, or perhaps simply a case of losing touch over a longer period of time. If you are going to ask a private investigation agency to help locate such an individual for you, the more relevant information that you can provide, the better their chance of success. 

The following areas do not constitute a complete list – each set of circumstances are always different – but considering the following points can help you to prepare for your meeting to discuss the process with the agency. Think of any specific identifying possessions the individual might be carrying or wearing. These include items such as wallets and their contents, keys, glasses, jewellery and the like. If you know that the individual is taking any medication then a list of these would be useful. Add to this any details of specific injuries, disabilities or handicaps that they suffer from.

Information concerning their possible location and relationships can also prove to be most helpful. If you can provide a list of key places this person likes to frequent, both on a regular basis, and also those important locations from their past that you feel might draw them back to that spot. Add a list, with contact details if possible, of both their regular friends and past acquaintances who you feel that this individual might contact. Also, any social media sites they may use. Also, if applicable, details of the vehicle they drive, or any travel passes and cards held.

Finally, added to as much of this information as you have, it’s important to furnish complete and honest details of any specific event which appears to have caused the person to leave. All of this confidential information will help any private investigation agency to work carefully on your behalf to trace that important loved one or individual you wish them to find. 

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