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Using GPS tracking to your advantage

by Josef Kafka

GPS tracking sounds like something straight out of the life of a secret agent, but in today's modern age it doesn’t take Jack Bauer with a team of technology gurus behind him to provide successful results! 

Global Positioning System, or GPS tracking is a satellite-based navigation system freely available for use to anyone with a GPS receiver. Take a look at your mobile phone; chances are it comes fully equipped with its own GPS receiver capable of geo-tagging photographs and videos or even transforming your device into a satellite navigation system through apps like Google Maps.

So if this technology is so readily available, why not use it to your advantage? 

As with most things in life, the system isn’t perfect. However, as with most things in life, these imperfections are down to human error. In August 2013, the West Yorkshire Fire Service hired Private Investigators to track Anthea Orchard’s car after she had signed off on sick leave. Unfortunately these investigators decided discretion was not a high priority and were caught tagging Anthea’s car with the GPS receiver! Though don’t let this discourage you, the fact that the news is not awash with stories like these is because ninety-nine per cent of the time it goes right – and if the nation’s emergency services are willing to implement such methods then why shouldn’t its general public?

The applications of GPS and vehicle tracking are endless: surveillance and observation, covert tracking, tracking assets, personal security, following your spouse after suspected matrimonial infidelity and even providing remote surveillance for a corporation! 

So before you turn into James Bond and start tracking anything you can attach a GPS receiver to it would be best to consider your options. You could buy a GPS receiver for your own personal or business use, but this route could incur steep costs as it would more than likely involve subscribing for access to the GPS services of the brand you have bought in to. The easier, and potentially cheaper option would be to find a company that offers tracker rentals – this would provide all the benefits of a GPS tracking system without the hassle of subscriptions. However, for the best result it is best to hire a private investigator offering a GPS tracking service. While the team caught tracking Anthea Orchard don’t exactly inspire confidence in this method, hiring professionals with a skill set tailored to get the results you want should always trump your other options.

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