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Getting photographic evidence has never been easier

by Josef Kafka

In many ways, getting photographic evidence has never been easier. Everyone has a phone with a camera. Most of the time, people take photos simply to share with friends on social media, but others use photos and video as evidence of someone breaking the law, for instance. Take the recent case of the commuter in London who cycles to work every day and records the bad and often dangerous driving antics of motorists, using a small helmet-mounted camera. He then passes this on to police who have been able to track some of the offenders down. Of course, some drivers take exception to being filmed and have become aggressive, managing to incriminate themselves more while doing so!

Another recent example involved a man who had been receiving thousands in disability payments after claiming he was in constant pain and could barely walk because of acute arthritis. Secretly filmed video, however, showed the 54 year-old playing in an 18 hole golf tournament at his local course in south Wales; playing so well in fact, that he won the club championship. Cardiff County Court subsequently found the man guilty of fraud.

Getting photographic evidence is not without risk, unless it’s the kind that is captured every day by all kinds of CCTV cameras. That said, intruders will often try and damage the cameras if they know where to look for them, but at least there’s no harm done to another individual. If you set out to try and record someone doing something they shouldn’t be doing, or because you want to gather some kind of evidence, you could be putting your own safety at risk. 

We all enjoy watching those clips of people being caught doing something wrong by amateurs, but if you have a good reason for wanting quality photographic evidence, it’s always best to ask the professionals to get it for you. At 247 Investigations, we have years of experience in getting photographic evidence on behalf of clients and for all sorts of reasons. Getting the images or video that matters can sometimes be risky for our operatives as well, but they are trained in what they do and know how to stay out of harm’s way!

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