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Using a PI to root out employee theft

by Josef Kafka

Running a retail business is hard enough these days, meeting high rents, paying rates and wages and all the other expenses that go into it – and so the last thing any store needs is its own employees thieving from it and causing big losses that could damage its operations. That's why it makes commercial sense to hire a top private investigator when you suspect something is up.

It's essential to conduct employee investigations to ward off any potential threats to your business, whether everything is going well now or cash has already gone missing and you've no idea who is behind it. Businesses put a particularly high level of trust in their staff who are handling cash at its tills, but often they've no idea if that trust is warranted or not. Accusing someone of wrongdoing when cash can't be accounted for can backfire if you don't have the evidence to support what you're saying.

Equally, if your stock level dips and it hasn't been sold, how do you know who's walking away with it? The only way to be absolutely sure, so you can stop the person and potentially take action against them, is to get solid evidence, and that can usually only be done with strict monitoring by a trained professional, such as a private investigator. 

One way to root out employee theft is to install covert CCTV cameras at strategic locations – around the till area and in parts of a store or stockroom where it might be easy to swipe something without being seen. A private investigator can appraise a building and advise on the best installation locations as well as the type of equipment to be used. 

In addition, if various employees are suspected of wrongdoing, they can be monitored during their work day to see what they're up to, as well as when they're not at work. Perhaps their routine in recent times has changed, and they may be doing new things, such as spending more time in the pub; it can all add up to a lifestyle that's being partly funded by illicit cash. The PI’s evidence file will enable you to properly deal with your thieving employee.

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