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Reunite your family with our missing persons services

by Josef Kafka

When many people think about private investigators, it conjures images of trench coats, cigarettes and peering through window blinds while investigating accusations of an affair. In other words, the movie stereotype. However far from just being used to investigate marital issues, private investigators are also skilled at locating missing loved ones. 

It seems that the news these days is always carrying a story about missing people and the pain and ongoing distress inflicted upon those left behind can be acute. With no prospect of finding a resolution, the future can feel bleak. This is where our team of seasoned investigators can help you find answers.

We have a specialist team that have a proven track record in finding out the location and fate of loved ones that you have lost touch with or have disappeared completely. Our techniques and methods are subtle so you need not worry about engaging a private investigator to help find those whose presence you are keenly missing. Trust in the experience of our team and we can soon have you reunited with those you love.

In any investigation we undertake for you, we provide you with regular updates on the situation so that you know exactly what is happening. We know from experience that the worst thing for our clients when we are attempting to locate someone for them is silence.

Our services are not limited to finding those who have disappeared suddenly; if you were brought up by foster or adoptive parents and you are keen to locate your birth parents, we can also help you. We can carefully make enquiries on your behalf to locate your parents and, if they are agreeable to the idea, put you in contact to arrange a first meeting. 

Done enough to convince you that we can help you? Then get in touch with our team of investigators on 08712 340 007 or fill in the email form on our contact page. The only thing between you and finding the answers about the people that you love is getting in touch.

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