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Protect your business with vehicle tracking and remote surveillance

by Josef Kafka

If you run a business, you'll know how hard it is to keep track of all your employees on a day to day basis. If you need to send those employees out on the road to make sales or deliveries, you lose even more of the ability to supervise and have to rely on them to do the job right. While the majority of your staff are sure to be hardworking and reliable, you might find that one or two will abuse the chance to be away from a manager's eyes. Employee time-wasting is one of the areas that companies can lose thousands of pounds each year – without even knowing it. Unless you have a clear idea of how long delivery routes take or how much time is spent on your company's processes, you will be unable to cut down on lost time and preventable delays.

If you are concerned that your company vehicles are being used for personal errands or that some of your drivers are skipping deliveries, dragging out their working hours or otherwise misusing their privilege, you need evidence in order to confront them. Luckily, the past few years have seen some fantastic innovations in vehicle surveillance and Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking technology. GPS trackers can be used openly or covertly, and when placed in vehicles and used with compatible software they can show you exactly where a car or van is at any given time. This means you can check whether delivery drivers are taking the right routes and you can find out where an employee is, even when they are not picking up the phone.

Tracking systems are not just for catching people out. GPS tracking apps can also show you where parts of your business are inefficient, and help you make the working day easier for your staff. Vehicle trackers can also protect against the theft of cars and vans, showing the police exactly where a stolen vehicle is and allowing them to apprehend the thief. There are a whole host of ways in which GPS tracking is able to protect your business and help you become more efficient.

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