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  • What can you learn from GPS tracking?

    If you visit a detective agency, they may advise you that the best way to find answers is by using GPS tracking. This usually entails strapping a gadget to the individual’s vehicle to monitor their movements. But what exactly can you learn from this measure? Well, quite a lot actually. Here are just a few of the questions you’ll quickly find the answers to.

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  • When is it okay to “spy” on my staff?

    So, for example, you may want to engage the services of a private investigator if you are concerned that an employee is drinking heavily or taking drugs, as they may be putting themselves, colleagues or customers in danger. You can use a private investigator to act as a temporary member of your team, to observe and investigate. They can also monitor the staff member once they leave your premises.

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  • Can a private investigator help with my divorce?

    If you are currently going through a divorce, the use of a private investigator may be highly beneficial to you. You may never have thought about the advantages of why you should hire one for your case, however, their service could settle certain aspects of the process which may become confusing or complicated

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