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  • The NHS and Ukraine cyber attacks: how we do we protect ourselves?

    The ransomware virus, dubbed WannaCry, is an updated version of the Wanna Decryptor ransomware. It demanded a bitcoin payment to unlock files after the hacker broke into the computer system and locked everything down. If the user doesn’t pay, the price will go up and the files will all be deleted after a certain amount of time.

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  • The GDPR and the growing need for data encryption

    There are still UK companies struggling with compliance under the current Data Protection Act. Some are still playing “catch up” on even the most basic cyber security systems and the principles of storage of personal information.

    Many of these are possibly blissfully unaware that the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation is on its way in 2018. This legislation mandates the need to encrypt and protect data on a whole new level.

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  • Do current IoT developments ignore security to our peril?

    With all new developments there’s a temptation to rush ahead and do the funky stuff while putting boring, non-core activities like security and encryption on the back burner. That is why we have so many problems with viruses, trojans and ransomware on our computers - there are too many loopholes from poorly designed systems that constantly have to be patched.

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  • What role has Wikileaks played in the world?

    WikiLeaks has played a crucial part in changing how we view confidential and top-secret information. The international non-profit organisation was set up in Iceland in October 2006 by Australian computer programmer, Julian Assange, and holds the motto ‘We open governments’. The main impetus of the site is to publish original secret files, documents, and details, plus classified media and news leaks provided through anonymous sources. It is done under the umbrella of ‘freedom of information’. They have had nominations for the UN Mandela prize (2015) and nominations over six consecutive years for the Nobel peace prize (2010-2015).

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  • Julian Assange - hero or villain?

    Julian Assange has led a life that could easily go down in history alongside Ian Fleming’s James Bond and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. The difference for Assange is that his life is very much the work of reality, and his story is still ongoing.

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  • What can you learn from GPS tracking?

    If you visit a detective agency, they may advise you that the best way to find answers is by using GPS tracking. This usually entails strapping a gadget to the individual’s vehicle to monitor their movements. But what exactly can you learn from this measure? Well, quite a lot actually. Here are just a few of the questions you’ll quickly find the answers to.

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  • When is it okay to “spy” on my staff?

    So, for example, you may want to engage the services of a private investigator if you are concerned that an employee is drinking heavily or taking drugs, as they may be putting themselves, colleagues or customers in danger. You can use a private investigator to act as a temporary member of your team, to observe and investigate. They can also monitor the staff member once they leave your premises.

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  • Can a private investigator help with my divorce?

    If you are currently going through a divorce, the use of a private investigator may be highly beneficial to you. You may never have thought about the advantages of why you should hire one for your case, however, their service could settle certain aspects of the process which may become confusing or complicated

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  • What a Private Detective can do for you...

    Trace missing persons

    If someone important from your life has disappeared unexpectedly, was adopted at a young age or perhaps a person has gone missing with unpaid debts, an investigator will help to find this person. Using a number of expert strategies, they will be able to uncover where they have gone to. In the event of bankruptcy and insolvency, it is particularly important that you are able to trace missing persons in order to recover financial losses.

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  • Protect your business with vehicle tracking and remote surveillance

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